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Bacterial dynamics and abundance; quantitative coupling of hydrocarbon degradation and specific bacterial communities


Industrial development has led to exponential increase in fossil fuel consumption. This has caused serious damage to environment and needs proper management. An understanding of the relationship between hydrocarbon pollution and microbial diversity will be useful for developing predictive and effective models for biological treatment of polluted environments. New molecular tools that provide a clear picture of the relative abundance and dynamics of microorganisms in natural habitats are now in use to study microbial ecology. These have shown that Alcanivorax like bacteria appear to be globally significant in the removal of aliphatic hydrocarbons, and may be key players in the bioremediation of oil impacted environments. The objective of this project (BACTOI L) is to establish quantitative relationships between hydrocarbon removal and the dynamics of Alcanivorax spp. to inform the development of new models for biological treatment of oil-impacted environments.

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