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Study of new layered transition metal sulphides synthesised under high pressure


Layered transition metal sulphides (LTMS) are an ideal playground to explore important issues of condensed matter physics, such as strong electron correlation effects, in less ionic systems than oxides.

The reduced ionicity leads to a larger structural flexibility, a better tunability of the valence of the TM ions and therefore to the control of electronic correlations in a wider range of parameters. In this project, we aim at the high-pressure synthesis and study of the electronic properties of selected ternary LTMS that are little studied related to the misfit layer or delafossite structures.

Thanks to the flexible crystal structure, these LTMS are model systems for studying the electronic properties of TMS2 layers with different coordination of the TM ion. We shall employ high-pressure techniques with in situ X-ray diffraction at very high pressures and temperatures never explored before in order to synthesise new phases.

High pressure will be a key method to induce changes of the coordination or of the stacking structure, thereby leading to major changes of the ground state and low energy properties.

This work is innovative as to the research topic and the unique research method. It should contribute to the understanding of strongly correlated electron systems and may foster the development of new functional materials like thermoelectrics.

The candidate has developed an excellent experience in the high-pressure synthesis of single crystals at the University of Kyoto. The candidate will bring this expertise to the host and improve and diversify his professional experience regarding both the research topic and the research method.

The project will lead to a fruitful and long-standing collaboration between the host and the top Japanese Universities of Kyoto and Tokyo. This will be beneficial for both the career of the candidate and the host. The project will foster the European research in the field of new functional materials, where Japan is a world leader.

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