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Secure high-speed information processing


Control and synchronization of chaotic dynamics has become an area of great interest in recent years.Specific attention has been given to the opportunities to exploit optical chaos to effect private or secure communications. Recent work emanating from the EU OCCULT project demonstrated chaotic message transmission over an installed commercial optical fibre network. The key element of this capability is a chaotic laser diode which enables high-speed ( Gb/s) data communications. Complementary work has also been undertaken with a view to using chaos to realise schemes for reconfigurable digital logic elements. The opportunity also to realise that functionality using chaotic laser diodes has been identified. Communications and digital logic are the corner stones of digital information processing. The opportunity for realising these functions using a common optoelectronic device provides a means for developing secure high-speed information processing. The present project will be directed at elucidating the underlying requirements of chaos control and synchronization to enable the convergence of chaos-based digital communications and digital logic. The project will be based on the expertise of an experienced theoretician from Azerbaijan who will collaborate with the Bangor group which has theoretical and experimental capability in this area.

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