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Reflective historical consciousness in Norway and Germany - intercultural and generational aspects


The study aims at the development of new ways of teaching history in memorial sites. Situated at the Holocaust Centre in Oslo, the study will follow and evaluate an international teaching programme, based on bi-national seminars with participants from Scandinavian Countries and Germany.

This project with the title The legacy of National Socialism in Northern and Western Europe: a comparison of memorial cultures, ways of dealing with the past and intergenerational communication will work with a pedagogical concept based on intercultural and dialogue and generational perspectives.

Different national narratives will be investigated as constructions within specific contexts, which can be reflected upon and deconstructed. The attitudes of different generations to wards history will also be integrated showing that there are always many sources of historical consciousness producing different kinds of emotional ties, identifications and taboos.

The project will investigate if new, globalized narratives of WWII and the Holocaust become a resource of historical consciousness today.

By doing interviews with the participants before, during and after the seminars, the developments and changes in
- historical knowledge,
- reflections and judgements derived from the work in these seminars will be investigated.

A coding scheme developed in the context of the research project developed by Prof. Andreas Korber University of Hamburg/Germany will be used to develop the analytic tools of the HISTCONS project. The study will evaluate the work in the teaching programme, investigating if more reflective attitudes towards history and cultures of commemoration are reached.

The results of this evaluation will be given as feedback to the teaching programme. By this it will be an integrative part of the theoretical and practical development of the concept reflective historical consciousness.

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