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Quantum phases and disorder effects in ultra-cold quantum gases


Ultracold bosonic and fermionic quantum gases are robust systems for probing fundamental condensed-matter physics problems as well as finding applications in quantum optics and quantum information processing and understanding atomic and molecular physics.

The proposed research Project deals with the theoretical investigation of novel quantum phases and disorder effects in ultracold bosonic and fermionic gases with low-dimensionality, through the development and combination of analytical and numerical approaches.

The objective is to analyse disorder effects on transport and other measurable properties of atomic gases in optical lattices with strong repulsive interactions. The innovative aspect of the Project relies on the application of research methodology known in condensed-matter physics to atomic and molecular physics systems.

The training objectives of the Project include advancements of research skills and expertise of the fellow in the field of atomic and molecular physics by developing new and successful methodology to the study of ultracold quantum gases.

It will add different/complementary scientific competencies to the fellow background in the process of reinforcing her position of professional maturity and independence offering an advanced training in multi-disciplinary field. It will permit the fellow to undertake transnational mobility appropriate to her individual needs, directed towards competence diversification.

As long term potential benefit, the fellowship will offer the fellow the opportunity to continue her work in the same research field by creating her own research group. It will contribute to reinforce and increase the place and role of women in science, both from the perspective of equal opportunities and in positively addressing a shortfall in the number of qualified women in science.

The Project will have strong impact on reinforcing the human potential for European research enhancing competitiveness of European researchers.

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