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Interoperable rights Management over DRM Platforms


Digital has become the natural choice for content format and distribution all over the World. While this creates new and exciting opportunities for new distribution channels, new applications, new devices and new business models, on the other hand it faces strong menaces that affect the copyright of such digital content.

Digital content are illegally copied, distributed and used all over the place, Legal and technological measures are being proposed to stop the growing copyright infringements, and one of such technical measures is Digital Rights Management (DRM).

However DRM technology itself doesn't offer the solutions for all the DRM problems in fact, although the number of business that trade content legally and that use DRM to protect the content has growth, the truth is that the number of illegal share doesn't cease to increase.

One of factors that contribute to this is the lack of interoperability of the current DRM systems. Current DRM systems use a vertical approach that impedes legitimate users to be able to use the content on any application. The PhD work will be dedicated to study the current DRM interoperability problems, focusing specially on the Rights Management.

The work that will be conducted will identify a potential approach to provide a Rights Management interoperability layer that would allow users to use their own content applications independently of the DRM system.

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