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Controlling light-induced properties by molecular reorganisation


The development of efficient artificial systems for solar energy conversion is crucial for sustainable energy utilization. The so-called charge-separated excited state is the key intermediate in natural light conversion processes. Stabilization of this intermediate is vital to developing efficient artificial systems.

We propose a conceptually new solution - to form a unique transient S/\S bond within the intermediate that acts as a reservoir for the absorbed light quanta. The interdisciplinary project encompasses synthesis, (ultra)fast spectroscopy and theory to explore the fundamental aspects underlying this idea, and to advance the concepts towards applications in controllable optical materials and light-induced processes in biomolecules.

The Applicant is a young award-winning laser chemist, holding a permanent post in Minsk, Belarus. The outcome of his work in Minsk, USA, and Europe on application of electronic spectroscopy to light-energy conversion is already having a large international impact.

The Applicant's ambition is to start an independent research group in his Institute, focussed on application of electronic and vibrational spectroscopy to solar energy conversion. He is an expert in electronic spectroscopy. The Fellowship will provide the complementary training in vibrational spectroscopy essential to realise his vision.

In Sheffield, the Applicant will explore:
- multidisciplinary research in an internationally competitive area;
- unique combination of state-of-the-art spectroscopic resources;
- collaborations with CCLRC and Europe;
- the Career Development Program to develop leadership and managerial skills.

The Fellowship lies within the scope of FP6 and ERA, particularly Area 3, 'knowledge-based multifunctional materials', and 6, 'Sustainable Energy Systems'. It will put the Applicant in a prime position to start an independent research upon return to Minsk, and will act as a springboard for long-term EU-Belarus collaboration.

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