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Synaptic dynamics and information processing in hippocampal neurons and networks


I am applying for the Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant under after long stay in the USA as a researcher. Upon receiving the Grant, my major objective is to return to Hungary, carry out research in my home country, and reintegrate. My host institute offered me laboratory space to establish a research team in computational neuroscience.

Since I am an experienced researcher, my training would focus on professional maturity, independence, and improvement of my leadership qualities. The central aim of the proposed research is to develop computational models of synaptic processes in the hippocampus at molecular, cellular and network level, and then apply these models to analyze how the kinetics and dynamics of synaptic events affect cellular and network excitability.

We will identify and characterize relevant synaptic mechanisms underlying neuronal excitability, spike precision and network synchrony. We will develop kinetic models of ligand-receptor interactions at GABAergic synapses. Realistic multi-compartmental models of hippocampal pyramidal cells and interneurons will be constructed and synaptic integration of variable excitatory and inhibitory inputs in these cell types will be studied.

Network models of hippocampal circuits will be developed, and the effects of synaptic variability on correlated activity and network synchrony will be determined. The applied computational techniques will allow us to analyze hippocampal synaptic dynamics similar to the ones observed in in-vitro or in vivo electrophysiological recordings.

The proposed computational approach and research will provide us with valuable insights into the rules and mechanisms that govern synaptic communication between neurons and ultimately determine hippocampal information processing from sub-cellular to system level.

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