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Metamorphosis of a symmetrical [3]-catenane


Metal ions can play unprecedented role in function of mechanically linked molecules such as rotaxanes or catenanes. Due to a metal ion, a molecular system can respond to external stimulus (electrochemical process, variation of pH est.) with movement of the component parts that is essential property of molecular machines.

Aims of this project are development of novel three fold symmetrcal [3]-catenane with three mechanically interlocked rings possessing two different coordination sites in each ring and investigation of electrochemical behaviour of the iron-ion complex of this [3]-catenane. The iron-[3]-catenane complex will be synthesized employing template method.

It would be the first [3]-catenane prototype of molecular machine with a working iron-centre. Successful implementation of the proposal would represent a landmark achievement for research in chemical topology and provide key information on kinetics of this novel supramolecular system, which can be of interest as a potential building block for molecular electronic devices.

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