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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Ultra-cold Molecules: Dimers and beyond


The proposed project focuses on the physics of ultracold molecules, their formation, their properties, and their interactions.

With the advent of molecular quantum gases and the recent observation of Efimov quantum states it is now possible to study resonant interactions of molecules and to investigate into the properties of few-body quantum physics in the zero-temperature limit.

The project combines the physics of quantum gases with molecular physics towards the aim of full quantum control of chemical reactions.

For Cs atoms, we propose to exploit two strong Feshbach resonances at 48 G and 800 G for the creation of ultracold dimer molecules to study the phase transition from an atomic to a molecular BEC and to search for molecular collisional resonances with a strong focus on the interplay between dimers and Efimov trimers and possible connections to tetramers. In particular, atom-dimer and dimer-dimer Efimov resonances should be observable in the vicinity of the Feshbach resonances.

The addition of optical lattice potentials will allow a detailed study of the formation and stability of Efimov trimers with precisely three atoms per lattice site. This would lead to full quantum mechanical control over the formation mechanism.

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