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Preparing non-classical states in a Bose Josephson junction


We propose to experimentally study the dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical double well potential, thus realizing a Bose Josephson junction.

We will investigate both the mean field regime, where the junction motion is similar to the motion of a classical non-rigid pendulum, and the so-called Fock regime, in which the previous semi-classical approach fails.

We will probe the crossover between the two regimes by looking at the fluctuations of the atom number difference and the phase difference between the two wells constituting the junction. This work will participate to the international research effort using cold atoms in a well-controlled environment as a new tool to investigate properties of a many body system.

We will especially be interested in the regime where both quantum and thermal fluctuations play a role. Controlling this system at a quantum level can allow producing many particle entangled states giving the ability to further test quantum de-coherence theory.

As an application, the production of many particle entanglement can be used to increase the precision and the sensitivity of a quantum metrology device, such as an atomic clock or an atomic interferometer.

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