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Time-dependent R-matrix


We propose a project in the research field of the interaction of electromagnetic (EM) fields with complex atomic systems.

Current and ongoing developments on sources of EM coherent radiation with super-intense peak power and/or ultra-short duration (of at to second scale) at frequencies from the far infrared (fraction of eV) to hard X-rays (keV) makes the present proposal a timely and essential one.

The theoretical framework applies to multielectron quantum systems such as quantum dots, atoms, charged ions and molecules, systems that is known to be of particular importance in cutting edge research areas such as nanoscience, atomic and plasma physics as well as quantum chemistry.

In view of the latest technology developments the implementation of the present project can also contribute to the improvement of these sources through the characterization of the fields by predicting non-linear ionization yields (directly related with second-order autocorrelation measurements) and energy/angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.

By drawing together our complementary expertise around a well-defined subject, through a very successful theoretical approach, namely the R-matrix approach, this project is aimed to solve challenging problems, in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics.

To accomplish this objective, it will be indispensable to merge methods from quantum and computational physics, thus demanding development of numerical algorithms on high-performance architectures.

The host institution
- is for several years actively contributing in breakthroughs in the field of the AMO physics
- is participating in a number of related European projects and
- has an excellent record in incubating successful careers.

The framework of this synergetic effort provides ideal conditions for a multifaceted training in terms of research methods, project management and knowledge transfer for the fellow, vital for his future scientific career and professional maturity.

Call for proposal

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David Bates Building, The Queens University Of Belfast, Belfast, Bt7 1nn
United Kingdom

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