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Enzymatic engineering of modified Glycostructures

Final Activity Report Summary - GLYCOENGINEERING (Enzymatic Engineering of Modified Glycostructures)

Dr Astrid Blume received training in molecular modelling, protein crystallisation, X-ray crystallography, data refinement and kinetic analysis of two-substrate enzyme systems as outlined in the GlycoEngineering proposal. Molecular modelling included a training course with the MOE program suite. This was subsequently used to design and prepare glycosyltransferase mutants with altered substrate specificities.

The X-ray crystallography studies of mutant enzymes were conducted in the laboratory of Professor Stephen Evans at the University of Victoria, Canada. Dr Blume furthered her training in generating mutant enzymes, with the production of blood group A and B synthesising mutant enzymes, GTA and GTB. Additionally she studied the crosstalk between donor and acceptor binding to GTB by STD NMR and evaluated product and substrate binding to the GTA enzyme.