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Hybrid organometallic-inorganic materials: self-assembly and nanoscience applications

Final Activity Report Summary - AM (Hybrid Organometallic-Inorganic Materials: Self-Assembly and Nanoscience Applications)

Research support has been provided to M. A. Presa Soto and Ian Manners to work at the macromolecular / nanoscience interface at the University of Bristol. During these two years new hybrid Organometallic-Inorganic block copolymers (polyferrocenylsilane-b-polyphosphazene, PFS-b-PP) has been synthesized. The self-assembly of these new materials has been studied in solution and the solid state (thin films) yielding a range of different nanostructures (spheres, plates and rod-like structures).

Unique block comicelles have been prepared by a living supramolecular polymerization approach obtaining new 'oval-shape' nanostructures. During this time, some additional related and/or complementary projects have been developed such us direct functionalization of polyferrocenylsilanes, which can be used to diversify the block copolymers, access to new boron-nitrogen containing polymers (of potential interest as additional inorganic blocks), and new ambient temperature routes to polyphosphazenes.