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Improvement of a morphodynamic model applied to tidal inlet environments


Tidal inlets are among the most dynamic environments along the world coastlines while social-economic activities are there concentrated. These problems are particularly relevant in Portugal due to its extensive coastline and the existence of many tidal inlets of social, environmental and economic importance. In the perspective of a sustainable development, it is essential to understand and to be able to predict the long-term evolution of these systems. To achieve these goals, one of the most promising avenue s is the development of morphodynamic models, which consist of a set of modules to simulate tidal hydrodynamics, wave propagation, sediment transport and bottom evolution.
This project aims at contributing to the advance of an existing morphodynamic modelling system (MORSYS2D) that is under development at the host institution (LNEC).
The improvements of this modeling system will consist of:
(1) enhancing the representation of the physical processes by introducing alternative modules for wave;
(2) improving t he representation of the wave forcing;
(3) improving the way the model results are analysed and integrated;
(4) verifying and testing the modelling system at two contrasting case studies (the Ria Formosa and the Óbidos lagoon, Portugal).
During this training period, the applicant will benefit from his advisors long experience in tidal, transport and morphodynamic modelling. He will integrate new competencies in process-based morphodynamic models and result analysis. He will also gain experience in programming and improve his overall abilities concerning numerical methods. To a larger extent, he will broaden his scientific ability in working within a large multidisciplinary team and also with other multinational group involved in research project common with L NEC.

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