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Spin-liquid state in highly frustrated magnets: local studies


Our project aims at an experimental study of novel phases and fundamental concepts in the field of strongly correlated magnetic systems, namely, fluctuating ground states generated by geometric frustration, a rapidly growing field, both from physics and chemistry aspects. Our research will focus on novel corner-sharing geometrically frustrated compounds. We will study in depth a recently discovered S = 1/2 kagome compound, for which a resonating-valence-bond fluctuating ground state is predicted and could t urn to be the long-sought archetype of frustrated antiferromagnets. We will also identify new frustrated magnetic networks synthesized by our collaborators, which could possibly lead to novel quantum states. Combined with bulk magnetization measurements, local-probe spectroscopic complementary techniques such as NMR and µSR will be used down to the sub-Kelvin temperature range in order to track the ultimate properties of the systems under investigation. Our experimental findings will serve for testing and refining the existing theoretical models. Additionally, our investigation will supply a valuable feedback for materials chemists. We also plan to test the robustness of the ground states in these frustrated magnets as well as their magnetic properties by introducing spinless impurities into the spin lattices. The spin degrees of freedom generally liberated around the impurity sites will serve as a method of unveiling magnetic correlations in the host systems.

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