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New methods of assessing and shaping proprioceptive sensibility and movements aesthetics of the blind


The superior aim of the research project is the creation of a new model of motor programme of rehabilitative character for blind children at school age. The programme will be focused on stimulation of development of aesthetic movement of a child. It will complement or be an alternative method of teaching movement for the current programmes. With the use of an appropriately prepared set of exercises it will be possible to more effectively stimulate the development of movement aesthetics in blind children. In the project innovative research methods based on Tai-chi movement techniques (old Chinese system of health gymnastics) and the double-person method (direct, through touch, conveyance of movements from instructor to the blind child) will be applied. The innovative character of the project and the absence of solutions of this type in schools will be the basis for introducing a new high quality teaching dimension in all schools of the European Union. The project will attempt to prove that using appropriate motor exercises based on the above theories will be possible to effectively stimulate the development of movement aesthetics in blind children. This will allow for the discovery of some regularities relating to the influence of a specific type of exercises (arising from specific theories of movement organisation) on the increase in control of motor activity of these children. Due to the lack of solutions in this area I have already attempted to specify movement aesthetics in blind people. Creating a new system of motor abilities assessment based on movement aesthetics will be an alternative or, at least, a complement to the already existing systems. It will help the blind to overcome mental blocks related to, among other things, limited movement co-ordination or lack of movement smoothness.

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