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Molecular electronics and tunable photonics for quantum technology


Matter wave quantum technology (MWQT) is an emerging field in which fundamental systems are kept isolated from their environment long enough for them to be useful as quantum systems. Such systems, involving ultra cold atoms or ions, have for example already set the best time standards. They are now being developed via interferometric schemes into acceleration sensors for ultra accurate navigation systems, and as highly sensitive gravitational field sensors. More futuristic applications involve secure communication (quantum cryptography) and the quantum computer.

Although much progress has been made, many problems remain to be solved. In order to bring these systems closer to the level of applicable technologies, much effort has been dedicated in recent years to miniaturization and integration. A specific example of a successful effort has been the 'atomchip' wherein techniques from the semiconductor industry are used to create magnetic fields in which atoms are trapped or guided above a chip.

This combination of the fields of quantum optics and microelectronics has brought about great achievements in the past 5 years. Similar efforts have been made with the 'ionchip' where a quantum logic gate has been achieved.

This expertise serves as the base for the project, while this proposal emphasizes adding new know-how by a unique synergism of experts from the fields of molecular electronics and photonics.

In this project, we suggest combining two additional, completely new fields--molecular electronics and tunable photonics--with the above atomchip and ionchip devices, thus enabling a leap in their capabilities.

In both fields, much adaptation is needed of the presently available technology, but the effort is worthwhile as a final successful outcome will provide a major step forward for MWQT.

The MC fellow has extensive related background. He will receive expert training in all the above four disciplines of science and technology.

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