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Perceptual analysis and measurement of surface texture

Final Activity Report Summary - PerTex (Perceptual Analysis and Measurement of Surface Texture)

One of the most challenging technological problems that are faced by the film and computer games industries is the production of photorealistic imagery of surface materials such as stone, wood, leather, plastic, metal etc. Furthermore, certain applications such as automotive or architectural interior design actually need additional visual accuracy to ensure that the graphics reproduce completely the visual perceptions invoked by the original materials. This requires processing of very large datasets involving significant computational demands.

This project addressed these problems by exploiting the tools and techniques of cognitive psychology, computer vision and computer graphics to solve the riddle of the kind of data that was important to the human visual system when rendering real surface materials. This cross-disciplinary approach helped us to understand the way people observed and evaluated the appearance of real-world materials as well as to significantly improve the speed and quality of computer graphics reproduction without compromising visual accuracy.