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Quantum gases: understanding their dynamics and improving simulation methods


Research is planned into the dynamics of ultra-cold quantum gases in strong interaction and non-perturbative regimes, as well as into developing improved methods for quantitative simulation of their dynamics. While experiments in this field now regularly r each strong interaction regimes, their theoretical understanding and quantitative description often lags behind due to a scarcity of non-perturbative methods.

Research into improved simulation methods is essential for understanding the dynamics in the new regimes. Investigation would include strongly-interacting gases caused e.g. by being close to a Feshbach resonance or in a confined geometry, as well as the behaviour of Fermi gases near the BCS crossover and BEC collisions. 24 months of research are proposed with the theory group of G. V. Shlyapnikov at the LPTMS lab, Universite Paris-Sud XI in Orsay, France.

This research group is world-renowned for conceptual understanding and analytic calculations of the quantum gases, especially cold Fermi gases and strongly-interacting regimes. These skills are directly complementary to the applicant's present competencies (strong emphasis in numerical methods for cold Bose gases). The host group also has numerous collaborations with leading experimentalists and theoreticians in the field (including locally in Paris). This will further diversify the applicant's competencies by enabling regular contact with the experimental issues in the discipline.

The applicant's research track record includes publications in high impact journals and significant independent research. Upon mastering the above skills, the applicant will have reached a well-rounded position of scientific maturity in the field. To intensify international co-operation, the applicant plans to continue collaboration with his former research group in Australia and with present collaborators in Poland during the project.

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