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Decentralized ethernet-based broadband passive optical access networking architectures


Current access technologies represent a significant bottleneck in bandwidth and service quality between a high-speed residential/enterprise network and a largely overbuilt core backbone network.

Even though high capacity routers and ultra-high capacity fiber links have created a true broadband architecture, distribution of that connectivity to individual enterprises and homes is just as critical for meeting the huge demand for more bandwidth.

Unfortunately, the cost of deploying true broadband access networks with current technologies remains prohibitive. This in turn makes it difficult to support end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) for a wide variety of applications, particularly non-elastic applications such as voice, video, and multimedia that cannot tolerate variable or excessive delay or data loss.

Passive optical network (PON) is a technology viewed by many as an attractive solution to the last mile problem as PONs can provide reliable yet integrated data, voice, and video services to end-users at bandwidths far exceeding current access technologies. In this work we will investigate decentralized Ethernet-based PON architectures and we will define distributed bandwidth allocation protocols as well as survivability schemes for QoS applications for these architectures.

The proposed project will accelerate the deployment of next generation broadband optical access networks that are viewed as a future-proof last mile technology with enough flexibility to support new and unforeseen applications. This in turn will be extremely critical in finally bridging the gap between the capacity provided by the backbone and metro networks and the actual capacity experienced by end-users.

The reintegration mechanism will allow the returning researcher to establish a research group at the University of Cyprus that will focus on novel access networks, and enable the sharing and transferring of interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise with European colleagues.

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