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Mechanisms of the biodegradation in soil of biodegradable polymers designed for agricultural applications


The main objective of the project is to identify and get an in-depth knowledge about the basic mechanisms and the range of factors affecting the biodegradation in-soil process of selected biodegradable polymer materials designed for agricultural applications. A more thorough comprehension of the relationship between polymer composition and processing (of the selected materials) and the mechanisms of biodegradability in soil under various conditions is to be attained.

The proposed fellowship aims at supporting a very promising and experienced female researcher with expertise in polymer chemistry from a new EU country to undertake training through a specially designed research project at the Agricultural University of Athens. The research topic has been chosen to offer the fellow a specialisation in a complimentary field most appropriate to her individual profile and needs for getting new knowledge and experience on the biodegradation mechanisms developed by selected biodegradable materials especially designed for agricultural applications.

The research work of the fellow will add to her scientific competencies in a highly interdisciplinary field of agricultural engineering and environmental issues related to biodegradable polymers especially designed for agricultural applications, as well as some fundamental knowledge in soil sciences. The new knowledge and complementary skills and competences expected to be acquired will reinforce her professional maturity and independence in line with Fellows professional plans, as she plans to write a postdoctoral dissertation related to polymer materials based on renewable feedstock.

The proposed fellowship project will also strengthen the intra-European research cooperation by creating links between two well established European research teams and organisations from a Northern-new and a Southern European country in support of the integration of Poland into the EU.

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/industrial biotechnology/biomaterials/bioplastics/polylactic acid
  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/polymer science
  • /engineering and technology/industrial biotechnology/biomaterials/bioplastics/polyhydroxyalkanoates
  • /engineering and technology/other engineering and technologies/food and beverages/food safety
  • /agricultural sciences/agriculture, forestry, and fisheries/agriculture
  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/soil science

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

EIF - Marie Curie actions-Intra-European Fellowships


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