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Next generation quantum dot materials and devices

Final Activity Report Summary - NEXTDOT (Next generation quantum dot materials and devices)

The project provided a detailed analysis of the optical properties novel semiconductor nano-structure materials and devices including III-V and group IV materials. In this first part of the project, we analysed the emission from type II GaSb/GaAs quantum dots. In this material the holes are captured into the dots while the electrons remains confined outside the dots. This charge separation leads to strong Coulomb effects that were analysed using both time-resolved and photo-reflectance spectroscopy and modelling using the k.p approximation.

In the second part of the project, we analysed properties of other semiconductor nanostructure materials based on group IV materials including the measurement of the carrier bandwidth of Si/Ge superlattice modulators and the emission from strained Ge quantum wells incorporated in III-V materials.