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Types for Communicating Software Systems


This research directly addresses the need for software technology to develop reliable and robust communicating computer systems. It directly responds to the FP6 objective on Communication, computing and software technologies (Council decision 2002/834/EC) to improve the performance, reliability, cost-efficiency, functionality and adaptive capabilities of communications and computing technologies so as to meet the growing needs of application. We shall combine skills and experience from two long-standing research teams, the Coq (proof assistant) team in France and the Epigram (programming language) team in Britain. Coq and Epigram share a broadly compatible basis but have developed in distinct directions with complementary strengths.

We must share our understanding to face the challenges ahead, hence we seek two years' funding for Nicolas Oury, an outstanding young researcher from the Coq team in Paris (Orsay), to do post-doctoral research with the Epigram team in Nottingham, studying the construction of reliable communicating software systems. Oury's doctoral research is crucial for the success of this project, as it lays an essential and previously missing piece of the theoretical foundations for reasoning about communicating processes. Joining the group in Nottingham will be extremely beneficial for Oury's future research career due to the complementarity of the approaches of the French and British groups and the strength of the Nottingham team in working on applications of Type Theory in Programming.

Our objective is to develop programming language and tool support geared towards productivity and reliability of communicating software systems. Our approach is to extend the existing Epigram platform, which already provides language and tool support for reliable algorithmic programming. We shall adopt the necessary structures required to express and work with the kinds of guarantees we require from communicating software.

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