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Certified Reference Materials for Food Safety and Quality


Specific Objectives:
1. To continue ongoing re-certification campaigns for: BCR-282R, -283R and -284R (aflatoxin M1 in milk powder) BCR-385R and -401R (aflatoxin B1/2 and G1/2 in peanut butter) BCR-263R (aflatoxin B1/2 and G1/2 in peanut meal) BCR-380R and -685 (nutritional properties of whole and skim milk powder);
2. To start re-certification campaigns for: BCR-377R, -378R, -379R and -396R (DON in maize and wheat) BCR-381R, -382R and -384R (nutritional properties in rye flour, wheat flour and pork muscle) BCR-162R and -164R (fatty acid profile in soya-maize oil blend and anhydrous milk fat);
3. To certify primary and secondary standards for the measurement of the solid fat content;
4. To produce candidate RMs of pure substances of banned antibiotics and growth promoters within the SIMBAG-FEED project and test samples of animal feed spiked with the banned substances (SCA);
5. To initiate practical work on studying the feasibility of producing solutions of deoxynivalenol (DON) and other B-trichothecenes to be used as certified calibrants with the DON calibrants project (SCA);
6. To discuss the feasibility of producing matrix materials to quantify: pharmaceutical residues in meat and meat products allergens in peanut products;
7. To support DG TAXUD regarding measurement requirements expressed by customs laboratories in Member States;
8. To provide training through research to grant holders from Member States and Candidate Countries Anticipated milestones and schedule Certification campaign for aflatoxin B1/2 and G1/2 in peanut materials concluded 31/03/03 SIMBAG-FEED materials produced 31/06/03 Certification of aflatoxin M1 in milk powders concluded 30/06/03 Candidate RM for measuring SFC produced and proficiency testing initiated 30/06/03 Candidate RM for fatty acid profiles in soya-maize oil blend and anhydrous milk fat produced 30/06/03 Certification of aflatoxin B1/2 and G1/2 in peanut materials concluded 31/08/03 Certification of nutritional properties in milk powders concluded 30/09/03 Certification campaign of SIMBAG-FEED materials started 01/08/03 Homogeneity and stability studies of fatty acid profiles materials concluded 31/12/03 Candidate RM for nutritional properties in rye flour, wheat flour and pork muscle produced 31/12/03 Candidate RM for DON in maize and wheat produced 31/12/03.
Planned Deliverables:
1.1 The respective CRMs inclusive documentation;
2.1 The respective candidate RMs, inclusive homogeneity and stability data;
3.1 The respective CRM inclusive documentation 4.1 Bottled candidate CRMs and animal feed test samples;
5.1 Feasibility data (report) 6.1 Feasibility report;
7.1 Report on measurement requirements expressed by customs laboratories in Member States;
8.1 Two trained researchers.
Summary of the Action:
The action concerns the production and certification of certified reference materials (calibrants and matrix materials) and proficiency testing materials supporting EU food and feed legislation. The individual projects are based on Directives and Regulations regarding maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs (mycotoxins), withdrawals of authorisations concerning additives in feeding stuffs (banned antibiotics and growth promoters), food labelling (nutritional properties) and antifraud measures (food authenticity). The possibilities of producing CRMs for developing needs such as labelling of allergens in food and detection of pharmaceutical residues in meat will be explored. Continuing support will be given to DG TAXUD with respect to measurement requirements expressed by customs laboratories. The action will monitor and support food related certification projects organised by DG RTD.

In the context of the building of the Single Market and in direct support to the European Commission's health, food safety and consumer protection policy, development and production of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and Proficiency Testing Materials (PTMs) is essential. In this context, consolidation, implementation and execution of the "European Reference Materials" concept and provision of food and feed CRMs for calibration and method validation to improve measurement quality and capabilities of testing laboratories is necessary.

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