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Cellular cartilage instruction


Cellular Cartilage Instruction has the potential to revolutionize cartilage repair. This phenomenon was recently discovered by CellCoTec (NL, industrial SME) and uses the instructive behaviour of cartilage cells and pliable nature of adult stem cells to eliminate the need for cell culture expansion, enabling a single surgery therapy for cartilage repair. Such a therapy is urgently needed by 1 million patients annually. To exploit the clinical potential of Cellular Cartilage Instruction, the most effective stem cell and cartilage sources have to be identified and a bioreactor based method to reproducibly generate instructive cell-biomaterial implants has to be established. Inter-sectorial and bi-directional transfer of knowledge between CellCoTec and the University of Basel (UBasel, CH, academic) will allow combining complementary expertise in stem cell and chondrocyte sources, as well as in biomaterial and bioreactor development towards the standardized generation of efficiently instructing grafts, within a long-term strategic partnership.

This project has as a core a carefully designed plan for the exchange of researchers (one year exchange periods). A researcher from CellCoTec will acquire knowledge on effective cell sources at UBasel and transfer this back to CellCoTec. A researcher from UBasel will share the expertise in bioreactor systems with CellCoTec, and transfer the know-how on biomaterials and Cellular Cartilage Instruction to UBasel. The benefits of this knowledge transfer on an EU level are substantial. Research activities so far fragmented will be focused and unified into a common collaborative effort of two leading groups toward one goal: to strengthen EU research output in the field of stem cell biology and bioreactors and to generate the basis for commercialisation of Cellular Cartilage Instruction. Accordingly, SME competitiveness will be directly enhanced through investment of EU GDP into this project.

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