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Modelling and software prototyping for asset-liability management applied to pension funds


The topic of the project is the in-depth analysis and investigation of Asset and Liability Management (ALM) models in the Pension Funds sector, in order to make them a widespread and reliable tool, as ALM is a recognized essential strategy designed to correctly manage these type of financial products.
The project purpose is twofold: to strengthen the ALM models proficiency addressed principally to Pension funds as well as to build a software solution prototype, which permits to process and administer premium strategies. In this perspective, a new frontier has opened, furthermore influenced by social changes occurring through the European territory. Strong welfare policies adopted by many EU Members and the continuous raising trend of the average age of people have both led to the rapid growth of Pension funds, which embodies the vanguard of a huge but inexorable metamorphosis of the pension planning in the majority of European countries.
The rapid growth of this particular financial market segment has propelled a sudden besides quite unforeseen crisis in several countries, referable to the fact that investments management strategies have frequently been exclusively driven by past or expected returns on assets, with no allow for an adequate liabilities control.
Thereby liabilities become the leading pension plans management benchmark, whereas the solitary research for returns might drive to the incapacity for balancing those obligations. EU Solvency II rules will considerably influence the risk management of insurance companies and pension funds. Its objective is similar to the Basel II system for banks - to implement a solvency model that is better adapted to the true risks and liabilities of pension systems and enables supervisors to protect policyholders' interests as effectively as possible. A further objective is the increase in risk transparency for the supervisors as well as for the public in the EU.

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