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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Ultra-small analytical techniques applied to single cell neurochemistry


It is proposed to develop and apply ultra-small volume analytical chemistry techniques to measure molecules important in single cell neurochemistry and neurobiology. The importance of this work to the scientific community lies in that it defines the limits for measurements in small biological environments and it provides a means to examine molecular mechanisms of neuronal function and dysfunction (ilness). Techniques using microelectrode electrochemistry will be used to measure release of transmitters from single cells. Separations with micrometer and nanometer inner diameter capillary electrophoresis will be used to measure neurochemicals in spatially localized regions of cells and organelles.
Mass spectrometry imaging with submicrometer resolution will be developed to measure and determine the function of lipid domains in cell membranes. It is my goal to unify these techniques and measurements to provide a comprehensive view of the location, function and importance of membrane lipids regulating communicatio n via exocytosis. In addition, we will relate this function to the role of exocytosis proteins in regulating the exocytosis event.
This project will involve new developments in each technique area and applied analytical chemistry for bioanalytical measurem ents in neurochemistry.


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