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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Joint development of novel anti-diabetic drugs from natural sources by strategic combination of pharmacology and chemistry


About 25 million people in the EU suffer from Diabetes Type 2, causing healthcare expenditures of up to 50 billion Euros per year [IDF]. New effective drugs are urgently needed, as prevalence is growing and diabetes can still not be controlled adequately. We would like to apply for the Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge program with a project which aims at the development of novel drugs against diabetes type 2 from natural products by applying an interdisciplinary and promising approach. The main objective of our project is to build a long-term strategic partnership between the academic partner, the MPI-BAC (Germany) and the industry partner, 55pharma (Austria). The partner organisations are complementary: 55pharma will contribute medical, pharmacological, and business expertise, the MPI-BAC will provide expertise in natural products chemistry. Partners will also provide state of the art technology and tools, i.e. 55pharma contributes in-vitro and in-vivo assays, business planning tools and processes. The MPI-BAC contributes state-of-the art equipment such as NMR, MS, GC-HPLC, etc. Close collaboration between pharmacology and chemistry is a key success factor of our project. Building new capabilities will increase the competitive position of each partner.
Know-how will be transferred through the exchange of mainly scientists in both directions. The transferees will establish new technologies at the host organisations and train staff, and learn new skills while being part of interdisciplinary research team s. Sustainable impact will be achieved by institutionalization of know-how during the end of the project. Our project meets the program objectives by applying an interdisciplinary, cross-border collaboration and has significant impact for the European Research Area: it addresses a European research priority, i.e. biotechnology for health, and addresses a growing health concern in the European Union, i.e. diabetes type 2.

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