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Innovative process for the synthesis of Alkali Ferrates in Fluidised Bed


This proposal deals with the transfer of knowledge in the field of the synthesis of the alkali ferrates containing hexavalent iron. The alkali metal ferrates become a substance of growing importance for the water and effluent treatments. This is due to the ir unique multi-functional nature (oxidation, flocculation, elimination of heavy metals, decomposition of organic matter...). Tight environmental regulations in EU encourage using ferrates as a prime choice decontamination agent since after their use, ferrates are transformed into iron hydroxides and/or oxides being eco-friendly. However, these findings are limited by difficulties related to instability of ferrates, the costly synthesis methods as well as low yield of ferrates. Experience acquired on the ferrate synthesis allows to a new, cost effective, clean and competitive process for the synthesis of alkali ferrates, particularly Na-ferrate. It based on a dry route gathered in two successive steps: First step consists in the premixing of NaOH with FeSO 4.xH2O allowing the coating of iron sulphate in the sodium hydroxide leading to a single solid with a homogenous particle size. Second step of is devoted to the synthesis of Na-ferrate in fluidized bed by oxidation in diluted chlorine of the single solid obtained in first step. This method uses the cheapest possible raw materials for the ferrate synthesis: iron sulphate (it is a waste of titanium oxide production); NaOH price is lower than that of KOH, and chlorine is the less expensive envisaged oxidizing a gent. Na-ferrate synthesis is conducted at room temperature, all materials used are found in the synthesis product, and the synthesis process doesn't generate any waste. Na-ferrate synthesis might be considered as 'green chemistry'. To our best knowledge, it is the first time in the world to produce Na-ferrate by this dry proposed process. The restatement of this process in larger laboratory scale is necessary prior to an eventual industrial transplantation

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