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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Measuring the impossible network


MINET coordinates activities in the Measuring the impossible (MtI) fields achieves long-term integration and advancement of the science of measuring complex, holistic quantities and qualities across all relevant areas through Europe.

The objectives are to:
- increase the productivity of MtI projects by interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge on complex measurement, creative interaction and cooperation across application areas;
- initiate a long-term integration of a broader European community in the advanced science of complex measurement in all relevant fields;
- facilitate an insightful and wider understanding of the measurement concept across disciplines and its implications in any field of application;
- improve European scientific competitiveness through the development of competent interdisciplinary expertise and new topics for future MtI projects.

The objectives will be achieved by two main actions: 1.maximizing synergies, boosting creativity and promoting fast progress in the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge, experience and development of complex measurement through discussion and training: science communication, interdisciplinarity, creativity, terminologies and theories of measurement, and application areas. 2.defining organizing and managing of a core network of MtI projects, an extended net-work of the evolving European community including interactive networking with NMIs, and an Internet based Information Center for interactive discussions, dissemination and transfer of scientific knowledge and common activities.

Practical coordination activities are:
- study-visit program,
- think tanks,
- perform studies for panel guidelines
- workshops/seminars
- training course.

Exchange and transfer of knowledge on god practices for complex measurement will positively impact commercial and scientific activities in Europe, e.g. for manufacturing perception delivery on products/buildings/public spaces, and stimulate research.

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