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Enhancement of structural safety in transport


Specific Objectives:
1. Pedestrian protection: To provide expertise to DG ENTR in the on- going normative action; to implement the European Parliament Resolution about the role and participation of the JRC in this action;
2. Crash-worthiness of vehicles for occupants: To support via technical expertise DG ENTR and DG TREN on aspects of the relevant standards;
3. Safety of road equipment: To support via technical expertise DG ENTR and DG TREN on problems related to road safety barriers;
4. Reference tests and numerical validations: To assess the safety of critical structural systems through numerical simulations with Finite Element codes;
5. Contribution to training through research / ERA. Anticipated milestones and schedule WP100 Normative research in support of transport safety standards WP110 -Coordination with DG TREN and DG ENTR: on a continuous basis. WP120 -Pedestrian protection activity: the whole 2003. WP130 -Crash-worthiness of vehicles for occupants: the whole 2003. WP140 -Safety of road equipment: report on safety barrier standards by April 2003. WP200 Validation of critical structural systems through numerical simulations WP210 -Widening of scientific collaboration with CEA: by June 2003. WP230 -Enhancement and model validation of EUROPLEXUS code: the whole 2003. WP300 Training through research / ERA WP310 -Training of researchers in structural mechanics and dynamics: 1st arrival by June 2003. WP320 -Establish collaboration with EU institutions/ NoE, IP: proposals after March 2003.
Planned Deliverables:
1.1 Definition with DG-ENTR of the role that the JRC will have to play in the Technical Committee for Monitoring the applicability of the relevant Pedestrian Protection standard; preparation for organizing a Workshop on the subject;
2.1 Reporting on aspects of vehicle crash compatibility and identification with DG-TREN of problems of passenger restraining systems;
3.1 Reporting to DG ENTR on the progress of the applicability of the standards EN1317 for the certification of road safety barriers;
4.1 Reporting on the enhancements and new features for model validation of EUROPLEXUS code; formalization of collaboration with CEA on numerical simulations in crash and impact dynamics with other major European partners;
5.1 Hosting and training of 1 or 2 (EU and CC) researchers in the field of structural mechanics and dynamics; establishing appropriate collaboration with European research and education institutions; participation in proposals for a NoE and an IP.
Summary of the Action:

This action aims at providing the competent authorities, the standardisation bodies and the scientific community with support and expertise in problems regarding structural safety under crash and impact loading. This makes use of the experience and know-how at the JRC in the area of transient dynamics. In the transport field, aspects related to the use of innovative materials, such as composites, ceramics, foams, aluminium or magnesium alloys, high strength steels etc, will be effectively addressed as regards energy absorption characteristics, and contribution to crash safety. Particular emphasis will be placed on problems related to vulnerable road users, such as the pedestrians and the relevant normative action. This work will be performed in close collaboration with the European Vehicle Passive Safety Network. The action also aims at validating through numerical simulation the safety of various critical structural systems under fast transients, such as crash, impact, blast and explosion.

It concerns: transport infrastructures; industry and energy production installations; infrastructures in land, aeronautical and water transportation systems; civil structures in case of accident or attack. Close interaction with CEA is envisaged for this activity. There are plans to prepare proposals for a Network of Excellence and an Integrated Project. Rationale Transport safety in general, and road safety in particular constitute a major item in the Commission's agenda. This regards the protection of both the vehicle passengers and of other road users, such as the pedestrians. Compliance with the Commission White Paper on European Transport Policy, COM(2001) 370, would require to meet the objective of enhancing safety to the point of halving the number of (over 40000) annual fatalities by 2010.

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