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Corporate culture and regional embeddedness


A vital and innovative regional life is basic for European society and economy. Europe has its strength in regional cultural diversity. The discussion on globalisation and integration, however, first of all focuses on homogenisation of cultures. The emergence of vital and innovative regional cultures is neglected in the mainstream of political and academic research. CURE aims at studying processes of cultural change as a result of interaction between companies and regions.

The key questions of CURE are:
- To which extent do company cultures influence regional commitment?
- Which types of regional culture are of interest for which type of enterprise?
- How do corporate and regional cultures interact and how do they influence each other?

The key target of the project is then to study how regional and corporate cultures interact and how to they influence each other. In the course of interaction, different cultures come together, shape each other and change. Such a process of interaction and cultural change is the connecting link that has to be studied. Interaction can take place in different forms: it can concentrate on material, symbolic or knowledge flows. The empirical work focuses on 210 cases studies and 21 in depth studies in seven European regions and is guided by an interdisciplinary framework.

The project brings together research from cultural science, regional science, social science and economies in an interdisciplinary way. The expected results are an interdisciplinary research framework on regional cultural change (spacing), new impulses for the disciplines involved and a concept of the regionally embedded company that is considered crucial for the development of a knowledge based and competitive European space.

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