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Content archived on 2024-05-29

VGT work How Space helps to manage ecosystems


When African policy makers (governments, national institutions, etc) have to manage their environmental resources, they need reliable information on which to base their decisions. A combination of various European R Amp D projects results and of the EDF funded MTA project allows all meteo services in Africa to receive and therefore to start using low resolution advanced products.

These 10-daily products are derived from data acquired by the VEGETATION instruments onboard the SPOT satellites and disseminated by EUMETSAT in near real time to all PUMA receiving stations through the EUMETCAST system. These different products are useful for African Earth Observation-experts working in the field of operational environmental monitoring, but unfortunately are not yet sufficiently used.

This is due to a lack in local capacity in the use and interpretation of these products in an operational environment. This project proposal therefore focuses on local capacity building in order to allow mandated institutions to integrate the stream of satellite data in their pre-existing operational reporting and assessment activities (e. g. production of bulletins) in support to well identified environmental policies and decision makers, both at national and at regional level. As such, the scientific and technical expertise, developed in Europe, should flow towards Africa.

This proposed project aims at bridging the gap between the EO-experts which have access to data acquired by PUMA receiving stations and the final end-users who need information on environmental condition to sustain their decision-making process or to manage the environment on a day-to-day basis. It focuses on the exploitation of this data for operational applications.

The project is targeted to and includes two African partners, i.e. the AGRHYMET Regional Centre in Niamey for the French speaking countries in Western Africa, and the Botswana Met Office in Gaborone for English speaking countries.

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