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Reinforcement of research capacity in software development and innovative collaborative design and engineering in Serbia and Montenegro


Strategic objective of RRCSD INNCODE project is to reinforce S&T potential at Mechanical Engineering Faculty Kragujevac (MFK) in thematic WBC top-priority areas of Collaborative working environment, Software and services (IST) and Water management (SUSDEV), and also to create a competitive research infrastructure for efficient knowledge and technology transfer at national, regional and EU level towards integrative and enhanced ERA. This provides necessary preconditions for MFK to become a leading Centre of Excellence in the Western Balkan region.

In order to achieve this strategic objective, five operative (measurable) objectives are established, as follows:
- To realize modernization of research infrastructure and working environment, through upgrade and renewal of S&T equipment and organizational harmonization of three research workgroups - RWGs:
- Software Development, Information technology and Virtual engineering;
- To realize researchers training programme at laboratories and institutes of EU networking partners and to increase their mobility in scope of European Research Area (ERA);
- To strengthen the networking and research integration of MFK with existing EU and regional partners and also with new ones;
- To disseminate research results and achievements and to create efficient mechanisms for its exploitation at national, regional and European level, through organization of three thematic workshops, specialized e-courses, participation at international conferences, connection with EU networks of knowledge and technology, etc;
- To increase attractivity of R&D occupations and local job opportunities for young researchers, resulting in diminishing of brain drain phenomena, by providing modern working environment and their training and mobility within EU centres.

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