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International research centre for late antiquity and Middle Ages


International research centre for late antiquity and middle ages - IRCLAMA is a unique research institution in its area of research in the Western Balkans region, and one of the few prominent scientific institutions of its profile in Europe. Overall objective of this project is programmatic and institutional strengthening of IRCLAMA, as an agent of scientific development in the fields of archaeology and art history in Croatia and Europe.

Specific project objectives include:
1. Institutional strengthening of IRCLAMA,
2. Strengthening of research and educational capacity of IRCLAMA,
3. Upgrading the physical and informational infrastructure of IRCLAMA, through:
- setting up and equipping of two local research facilities functioning as two focal points of IRCLAMA's research and presentation activities;
- development of online resources, publications and educational curricula as means of dissemination of knowledge and research results.

Objectives are accomplished by implementing three distinct types of activities:
- activities related to management of the Centre - articulation and operation of a new management structure, and assembly of work-teams charged with implementing Centre's activities;
- activities that enhance the scientific research by means of dissemination of results, data and knowledge through publishing and education;
- activities that broaden the scope of Centre's operation to provide a mean for deriving social and economical benefits in two micro-regions in Croatia, through elaboration and promotion of two archaeological parks, as management models for preservation, presentation and utilisation of cultural heritage today.

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