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Satellite based remote sensing of aquatic environment in Estonia by the example of Lake Peipsi


There is need for cost effective ways to supplement the present monitoring of water environment with more resolute spatial and temporal data particularly in states soon joining European Community. The project is designed to improve remote sensing methods t hat can be applied to lakes and coastal waters; develop water quality algorithms and processing methods that are appropriate for the ocean colour satellite sensors MODIS and SeaWiFS. Strong attention will be paid to the use of lately available sensor MERIS /ENVISAT, specially designed for remote sensing of optically complex waters.

During the last two years of EU Marie Curie founded project it has become clear that the existing atmospheric correction procedures when applied to lakes need to be further evaluated in order to produce an operational remote sensing based monitoring system. In the present project we will concentrate investigation on Lake Peipsi on the border between Estonia and Russia. Lake Peipsi is one of the largest lakes in Europe and is intermediate in size between Lake Vanern and Lake Vattern, Sweden, investigated during initial fellowship. Compared to the two Swedish lakes, L. Peipsi has higher concentrations of the optically active substances known to influence satellite measurements. Therefore, the lake compliments the continuum between lakes Vanern and Vattern both spatially and in terms of water quality.

Another advantage is that there is an AERONET sun photometer relatively close to this lake, which will provide invaluable atmospheric data. The project will lead to an increased enlargement of application the remote sensing method and gives new information about optical properties of turbid and humic lakes, which are especially sensitive to climate change. It increases awareness of water management authorities involved in the monitoring of large European lakes and, scientists investigating aquatic environment.

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