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Content archived on 2024-05-29

EU food industry dynamics and methodological advances


The proposed project aims at developing a concise set of methodological tools suitable for a systematic economic assessment of the EU food chain. Based on these tools, an evaluation of the structural changes and the economic performance of selected food se ctors in representative countries of the enlarged EU is provided, along with a detailed description of the entire European food chain. Specifically, the project intends to i) develop novel tools in food chain analysis by assimilating advanced methodologies into amendable empirical techniques; ii) provide an in-depth, systematic depiction of the market structure and the regulatory and institutional environment of the food industry within the enlarged EU emphasising particularly on its interaction with the fa rm sector; iii) generate an extensive assessment of the key factors shaping the current position, competitiveness and potential of the EU food industry; iv) quantify the industry's contribution to the maintenance of the social and economic cohesion in rural areas.
To achieve these objectives, a multidisciplinary analysis that combines distinctive and advanced scientific methodologies will be developed and applied in representative EU countries.
The expected outputs include:
a) an analytical characterisation of the EU food chain, including a review of the influence of agricultural policies;
b) a set of microeconomic models for the analysis of strategic interactions in the food chain;
c) a set of theoretical models for the evaluation of the impact of technological innovations on the structure of food chain and the incentives created for R&D investments;
d) a theoretical model for the analysis of policy instruments like food standards and labelling on firm performance and social welfare;
e) a concrete framework for the evaluation of the economic performance of the entire food chain;
f) a general equilibrium model for the quantitative analysis of the industry's impact on the socioeconomic development of rural areas.

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