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Opportunities for farm seed conservation, breeding and production


The strict rules for marketing of seeds (set in Directive 98/95/EC) combined with the small market niches for landraces varieties have threatened the conservation of local varieties and the agro-biodiversity. In preparing the EU Directive facilitating the certification and marketing of seed in the interest of conserving plant genetic resources, Farms Seed Opportunities will contribute to the enlargement of the market of local varieties, by setting up a science and marketing based framework involving all relevant actors.
To achieve this objective, Farm Seeds Opportunity will:
- Characterise requirements of the different stakeholders with regards to the diversity of varieties derived from the on farm conservation / management / breeding and of regional agricultural systems in Europe
- Identify bottlenecks and challenges for participatory on-farm breeding and seed production
- Develop methodologies, combining scientific approaches and farmers know-how, suited to targeted improvements of conservation, breeding, seed production and marketing - Provide practical recommendations for the decision-making processes relating to the market release of seeds of landraces, conservation and amateur varieties
- Provide a practical framework for the protection and promotion of landraces, conservation varieties and amateur varieties, especially issued from the participatory plant breeding and small scale breeders
- Provide the society at large with adequate information about scientific results and on-going research in order to answer its legitimate demand for locally produced food and the preservation of endangered agro-biodiversity and to stimulate its involvement in decision-making.
The Consortium associates 6 European countries to cover a great variability of regional characteristics. Combining scientific competences and farmer knowledge will enable, in an approach of participatory innovation, the development of on-farm plant breeding and genetic resources management.

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