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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Foresight analysis for rural areas of EU


Rural Development (RD) is the result of complex, dynamic processes which are determined by a range of driving forces, including demographic, socio-economic, technological and environmental change. As a result, future evolution of rural areas in the EU is highly uncertain.
Last decade studies on developments in rural areas in the EU have not achieved a common definition of 'rural' in EU, lacking harmonized data to describe socio-economic and environmental dynamics as well as meaningful indicators reflecting the specific situation in rural areas. There is an urgent need to know: what are major trends and driving forces affecting rural regions" At which scales do these processes operate" Which of these processes are amenable to change through RD policies and go vernance" How might rural policies be adapted in the future to take account of these processes" The results of FARO EU will help to answer these questions by reducing present uncertainties and contribute to defining appropriate future RD policies.
We will follow an innovative approach for rural areas, by analysing patterns and trends of a selection of territorial indicators specific for rural areas within a Spatial Regional Reference Framework. The particular role and relevance of forms of governance and IC T and their effectiveness will be assessed. A set of scenarios representing a full range of rural areas driving forces will be produced to asses effects of the rural policies with conditional probabilistic futures.
Scenarios will be
(a) quantified through a chain of economic, environmental and land use models
(b) qualified by SWOT analysis and (c) tested in five case study regions.
The outcomes of the project will have a strong foundation in policy realities policies because FARO EU will involve stakeholder s in rural development and policy makers at the national and EU levels in several workshops. Final recommendations will identify effectiveness of present defined in the new RD Programme and future policies.

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