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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Rapid SPR for parallel detection of pathogens in blood


Biological materials like blood, tissues and organs represent the hope for many medical situations but at the same time they pose a risk of transmitting diseases via blood transfusion, tissues transplantation or organ transplantation. Thus, there is an urg ent need to improve the technologies used for screening diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C. The same need exists to test donor blood in a cheap and fast way, especially in countries where the rate of infected blood is high due to high prevalence of diseases. In this project we will develop a very fast, cheap and at the same time very sensitive method which has the potential to detect more than 100 blood antibodies simultaneously. Within this project we focus on the detection of the presence of one of the pathogens HIV, HCV, HBV and syphilis in parallel.
The presence of any of the mentioned blood pathogen is enough to exclude the donor that is suspected to have any of these pathogens in his blood. We are proposing an immunosensing diagnostic assay, based on the very specific immune reaction between antigen and antibody. A new type of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) transducing principle will be exploited which allows very fast and sensitive testing.
The proposed innovation will be reached by developing a small desktop system which is easy to use and leads to accurate results within less than 5 minutes. The system will be tested in two countries against standard testing methods like ELIZA and PCR .
The objectives of the SSP Work Programme will be achieved in multiple ways. This project provides a new testing method to prevent transmission of diseases by substances of human origin (SoHo).
The testing method provides improvements in cost effectiveness, sensitivity and speed of testing. The resulting diagnostic system will represent a revolution in the field of rapid diagnostics and will reduce the risk of dealing with contaminated biological materials and will help to prevent persons to become severely ill.

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