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Television magazine "GENIUS"

Final Report Summary - GENIUS (Television magazine 'GENIUS')

The goal of the GENIUS project was to introduce young researchers working in different scientific disciplines. The portraits were shown to the public, and especially young people, a career in science can be combined harmoniously with a rich and happy private life. Too often, young people give up scientific careers not only because they feel too difficult to conduct but also because they fear that they deprive them of family life, friendly relations and leisure. The purpose of the program was to attract young people to science and, in any case, to demonstrate that those involved in careers in science do not isolate themselves from society.

Reports on exhibitions generally about educational subjects introduce also to scientific matters and show it as being affordable by all, and often amusing. The broadcasted magazines were also presented on the website of each channels, as well as the site of the EAC TV.

The GENIUS project had no direct impact on the research sector and industry and this is normal. It was not actually a scientific project itself but a demonstration of young researchers. The project was able to demonstrate, particularly through the ten portraits, that a scientific career was within the reach of many and allowed, while providing intense professional satisfaction to conduct a family life, leaving place for other points of interest other than the scientific.

In view of this issue and specific examples, some young people may be hesitant to embark on a career in science, have left their last stand doubts and embark on the adventure of scientific studies. Once in life, leading to their own research on a wide range of themes subjects, they can then fully accomplished while participating in the scientific, industrial and economic development of their region.