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Content archived on 2024-06-20

New Communities and Mental Health? A Needs Analysis

Final Report Summary - NEWCOM (New Communities and Mental Health - A Needs Analysis)

The main objective of the NEWCOM project was to deliver a systematic study of migrant mental health issues based on knowledge of local conditions and reflecting the needs of migrant subpopulations. Thus, migrant communities would be provided access to independent, affordable scientific advice and research results through a local community organisation. Based on the science shop methodology, the project has provide the ethnic minority communities with the knowledge they require about health inequality risks, to increase their capacity to define their needs and to design strategies to bring about change to meet those needs.

This project has been completed successfully. It has carried out a major study into the mental health issues impacting the new communities of migrants in Ireland and produced a report on the same that is already being used in the policy arena. It has also successfully pioneered university-community organisation relationships around 'real world' research problems and produced an example of best practice in that regards. Finally, it has successfully created the momentum for a science shop at Dublin City University possible in collaboration with Dublin Institute of Technology. Negotiations are currently ongoing on how to set up a Dublin science shop backed by both institutions which have a strong presence in the most deprived parts of the city namely the Northside and Dublin Central. The NEWCOM website will continue to act as resource for Cairde and the migrant health forum it sponsors.

The main impact of this project has been threefold:
- The migrant communities have seen considerable enhancement of their capacity to conduct research and understand the issues regarding mental health they face. The Non-governmental organisation (NGO) they work with has also benefited from the work in the same sense;
- The project has had impact on health professional and government planners who now have a much clearer grasp of the issues facing migrant communities.
- The sponsoring Dublin City University has learnt a great deal from this project and it has had a major impact insofar as a Dublin City Unoversity science shop will now be established under the auspices of the office of the vice president for research.

The project has redesigned the initial webpage as the Wiki format used in the first iteration of the website did not prove successful in terms of accessibility by the ethnic minority communities. The current website can be found at the following address: This website disseminates the results to communities, universities, policy makers and other interested parties.