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Pervaporation and Nanofiltration with Ionic Liquids


The aim of this proposal is to combine the recent development in the field of membrane technology, e. g. in nanofiltration, supported liquid membranes and pervaporation, with the use of ionic liquids (ILs) for providing novel solutions in downstream process sing or process intensification.

ILs are currently explored as new reaction media for chemical synthesis or electrochemical applications and have emerged as a new class of solvents in the last decade. ILs seem to have a large potential in downstream process sing, especially when applied in a form that requires only a small amount of them, e.g. in supported liquid membranes.

The special property of ILs is their non-measurable vapour pressure at ambient temperature that makes their application in liquid membrane s attractive for pervaporation. Simultaneous determination of solute transport through ionic liquids as supported liquid membrane is one of the preconditions of understanding of this new process.

After the generalization, the valuable experimental data can be used both for the preparation of new pervaporation membranes based on ionic liquids and for the increase of the efficiency of the separation process and protection of the environment.

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