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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Lubricant Chemistry and Technology in Aqueous and Oxidative Environments


Experienced industrial chemist, whose research focuses on tribology and lubricant chemistry, for the last 7 years is employed by a major lubricant manufacturer in USA. He proposes returning to his home country and integrating his industry-oriented studies into activities of the Institute of Chemistry in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The main project objective is to bring advanced knowledge to Europe, meeting the goals of Marie Curie International Reintegration action under Human Resources and Mobility area of FP6. The Institute is offering him a Senior Researcher position to establish and manage a new Research Unit in Lubricant Chemistry and Technology. He will be responsible for setting up the experimental facilities, staffing the unit, acquiring chemicals and con ducting the investigations.

The Institute will provide his salary, overheads, infrastructures and most experimental equipment. The experiments will focus on investigating lubricant films by Quartz Crystal Nanogravimetry, spectroscopy and chromatography (Raman, IR, GC, LC etc). Other techniques, such as XPS, STM, AFM, EIS, will also be used to relate the lubricant composition to the performance in oxidation and corrosion tests.

Investigated chemicals will include mineral and vegetable oils, ionic liquids, soaps, fatty esters, alkanol amides, glycols, phosphates, polysulphides, sulphonates, antioxidants, etc. These studies will improve the understanding of lubricant chemistry and create better opportunities for petroleum-free technologies in lubricants. Up to 3 full time positions for support researchers will be sponsored by this project during the first two years.

It is expected that some industrial contacts will be established with additional funding. Consequently, this project will sponsor 1 position during the third year. Technological field of the new research unit will line up well with expertise of other researchers in the Institute, who focus on corrosion, material science or surface analysis.

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