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Research Festival: The owl of research in the street of Athina, the people meet Human, social, educational Science Research in the promenade under the Acropolis


This is the Researchers Night in Athens, September 22nd 2006, part of the Researchers Night in Europe 2006 launched by the European Commission. We the Education Faculty and researchers of Athens University will meet the public to communicate our research and development practices and products, in a celebration on the Acropolis Promenade and selected communities of different socioeconomic milieus.

We aim at bringing researchers closer to the public and specific groups (minorities, migrant groups, teachers, and environmental organizations, university Human-Social-Educational Science students/graduates, NGOs). Such groups are sensitive to issues dealt with by our research. Our aim is to make them understand that researchers are ordinary people doing interesting and useful work for specific groups and society. We will help them understand the researchers interest for research, and will present how researchers and their work are related to their everyday life.

We will familiarise the public and young people with researchers and their scientific methods: what kind of people researchers are, how they work, the instruments they use, the assumptions they make, the procedures they follow. Instead of inviting the public in our labs, we will meet the public: We will interact with a number of people, who are gathering in public places, by presenting ourselves as researchers and various research products in forms both comprehensible and enjoyable by people of all socioeconomic and cultural profiles and ages.

The public and all groups can profit enormously from exposure regarding who H-S-E S researchers and research products are, and from a deeper understanding of the inherent value and potential in researchers supporting their (the people's) causes. We plan to celebrate as well, the 10 years since the collaborative postgraduate programme Education and Human Rights and the 20 years since the Faculty were established, with the public, which is our natural audience.

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