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Linear collider research at the University of Edinburgh


The International Linear Collider (ILC) will be the ultimate tool for high-energy physics. The ILC will provide the best opportunity to make precision measurements of the electroweak sector, Higgs physics and any TeV-scale New Physics with the potential to make major discoveries of the nature of the universe. I propose to establish a small ILC research group at the University of Edinburgh. Collaborating strongly with local particle physicists in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, we will work on understanding the overall detector design for the ILC detectors and on modelling physics key physics channels, to understand if and how the signal would appear at the ILC.

On the longer term we also hope contribute to the design and building of the silicon vertex detector for the ILC. Coupled with my work on the ILC, I propose to continue my collaboration with the CDF experiment and to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in physics.

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Old College, South Bridge
United Kingdom

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