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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Behavioral planning for dynamically dexterous robots using constrained intuitionistic linear logic

Final Activity Report Summary - DYROLL (Behavioral Planning for Dynamically Dexterous Robots using Constrained Intuitionistic Linear Logic)

The primary objective of this project was to investigate the use of linear logic for robotic planning problems. Three key contributions were made in the scope of the project. First, continuous constraint expressions were incorporated into the existing language of linear logic to make it sufficiently expressive for encoding properties of dynamically dexterous robot platforms. Second, a sound and complete proof theory was developed for the full fragment of linear logic, incorporating focusing and resource management for overall efficiency and tractability.

This directly led to the implementation of an associated theorem prover, whose annotated proof constructions can be used to obtain provably correct behavioural plans for robots. Finally, an improved version of the hexapedal RHex robot platform was developed to support subsequent experiments in applying the ideas developed in this project to real-world robotic planning problems such as those encountered in search and rescue applications. These three components tightly connect together towards a robust planner for autonomous robot behaviour in the presence of fast, dynamic behaviours that cannot be adequately described by discrete symbols alone.