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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Stability, identification and control in nonlinear structural dynamics

Final Activity Report Summary - SICON (Stability, Identification and COntrol in Nonlinear structural dynamics)

The research on nonlinear structural dynamics has experienced break-through developments in the last decades both in the theoretical and applied fields. This is the result of extraordinary research efforts undertaken by several leading international research groups ranging from applied mathematics to physics and engineering with different specialisations.

The SICON project was structured in a series of training courses and one international conference. In particular, the topics addressed can be summarized in the following titles of the training courses: (i) Stability and bifurcations of nonlinear dynamical systems, (ii) Advanced nonlinear dynamics and chaotic dynamical systems, (iii) Nonlinear dynamics and control of structural and mechanical systems, (iv) Vibration testing, Identification of linear and nonlinear systems, (v) Experimental dynamics, model identification and damage detection.

Large effort was devoted by the organisers in structuring all the events and in organizing them in a coherent series with a precise selection of both the topics and the speakers. The scientific success of the events has been possible for the high level of the keynote speakers, for the consistent program and finally for the constant attendance of the early-stage career researchers throughout the project.