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Role-based personality: measurement, antecedents, and consequences


With the proliferation of social roles in the 21st Century, the study of role-based variability in personality is becoming increasingly important. Previous research on role identity has relied solely on explicit measures: Participants are typically requested to hypothetically rate themselves using the same list of adjectives or statements separately for each of the multiple roles that are indicated in the instructions.

However, this approach may be substantially biased by role stereotypes as well as social desirability and demand characteristics. Consequently, in this project I will develop three novel, and more subtle, assessment procedures. Specifically, I will use both experimental and naturalistic approaches that involve obtaining participants' on-line reports of their personality as they are psychologically immersed in a role.

These new approaches are based on state-of-the-art developments in both personality (i.e. diary studies) and social psychology (i.e. priming), and will enable the examination of fundamental issues related to role-based personality including:
a) the magnitude of role-based variability in personality;
b) its antecedents (e.g. goals, expectations, power, and self-monitoring); and
c) its implications for wellbeing.

These questions will be studied in a series of studies of different Israeli and Canadian populations (community, student and immigrant samples), using different methods (diary studies, cross-sectional studies, as well as experimental procedures) affording a unique combination of both internal and external validity.

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